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Learn more about the best in-demand jobs in 2019

In-Demand Jobs in 2019 - DWCAs you begin to think through your New Year’s resolutions and make plans for a new year, new you – one of the best places to think about growth and change is in your career. Are you satisfied with what you’re doing day in and day out? Have you been itching to try something new? Challenging yourself to learn something new and break out of your shell is a great way to embrace the new year, new you mantra. As you begin to look for a new field, why not consider some of the most in-demand jobs in 2019? You’ll not only have the opportunity to learn something new, but you’ll also make yourself a valuable asset to any company.

If you’re dreaming of a new career, now is the time to act. Many predict tech jobs will be among the most in-demand jobs in 2019, and if you’re ready for a new career, why not check out these career paths that are screaming “new year, new you”:

  • Data Scientist: Companies around the world are inundated with more data – about their customers, trends, supplies, and more – than they’ve ever had before. The most successful companies are the ones that have figured out how to mine and leverage this data. As a data scientist, you’ll have the opportunity to help businesses collect and utilize this data to make smart business decisions and increase consumer satisfaction. Learn more about one of the most in-demand jobs in 2019 – data science!
  • Developers: It’s no surprise that with the ever-increasing use and expectations of websites, mobile apps, software, and hardware, there is an abundance of jobs for developers. Highly skilled development positions in a wide variety of fields are among the most in-demand jobs in 2019 due to the sheer volume of work available and overall lack of skilled developers. If you’re interested in coding, website development, or application building – this might just be the career for you to jump-start your “new year, new you” goals. Learn more about development opportunities here.
  • Graphic Designers:Along with the need for more developers comes the need for more graphic designers who can help make the user interface more interesting and appealing to customers. Many experts agree that there are great opportunities for graphic designers in our ever-growing high-tech economy. Learn more about the field of graphic design.
  • Digital Marketing: Traditional marketing is no longer what it once was. Digital marketing has taken it’s place, capitalizing on the consumers using digital channels such as websites, social media, and more. There will be plenty of digital marketing careers emerging in the next several years as the field adapts to these changes. As you consider a new job in 2019, be sure to learn more about digital marketing and if it’s a fit for your goals.

Ready to make the most of 2019?! One of the best places to start is to consider a new career. Nothing says “new year, new you” like a newly minted certificate, resume, and job! Learn more about how Digital Workshop Center can help you make these goals a reality with our classes geared toward helping you land a career in one of the many in-demand jobs in 2019. We provide you with the skills you need to compete in today’s tech-driven world. Click here to see our full lineup of classes taught in Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as online.