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How to Connect Your Apple Devices Using iCloud

How to Connect Your Apple Devices Using iCloud If you have made the decision to purchase an Apple computer, odds are that you already own another Apple product. While Google and Microsoft are catching up, part of the allure of an Apple product has been its integration across devices. With the announcement of iCloud in 2011, Apple became the first technology company to offer seamless integration across devices. Coupled with the emergence of the iPad as a viable tools and the continued popularity of the iPhone, this integration has proven to...

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Intro to the iPad: Pros & Cons

Intro to the iPad: Pros & Cons The Apple iPad. It is the device that has acted as the paradigm for an entirely new genre of technology. However, it is a relatively large investment. It is also an investment that, given Apple’s recent trends, will be deemed “outdated” in about a year or so. That being said, if you’re ready to dive into the tablet world, there are some things you must know about an iPad before purchasing. What Does an iPad Do Well? Simply put, Apple made the bold statement that the tablet would replace PCs...

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A Quick Look at Apple Multi-Touch Gestures

A Quick Look at Apple Multi-Touch Gestures Apple computers are known for their aesthetic appeal and ease of use directly out of the box. However, with the last several software and hardware updates, Apple has continuously upgraded and improved the ease of usefulness of its multi-touch gestures. Multi-Touch Gestures Since I switched to a MacBook Pro nearly two years ago, I have been completely enthralled by Apple’s Multi-Touch Gesture UI. My wife’s Toshiba laptop is dead to me. My Lenovo work laptop is nearly too cumbersome to operate....

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Going Further with Microsoft Outlook

Going Further with Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook offers several features that can help organize your busy life. If you’re just getting started with Outlook, check out Part 1 of this series here. One often overlooked feature that exists within Outlook is the fact that you can click and drag emails in order to create new contact information, calendar items, and tasks. Dragging the selected message to the Calendar, Contact, or Task tab on the left-hand pane of your Outlook window will automatically pull up a prompt to...

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Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook These days, it is not uncommon for an individual to have two or more active email accounts. Using a tool like Microsoft Outlook allows users the ability to consolidate all of their email accounts into one convenient location. Outlook is not just an email tool, however. Outlook also integrates useful features such as a fully integrated calendar, task manager, and contact manager. As it is with almost any Microsoft product, knowledge of the toolbar will help any user with ease of use. In...

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