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Students, instructors, and colleagues-
DWC is an Adobe Authorized Training Center - Changes to Adobe Classes and New BootcampsI am writing to you today to tell you about some of the exciting changes we are implementing here at Digital Workshop Center.  We are officially in our 10th year of business at Digital Workshop Center and I couldn’t be more excited about the upgrades and new additions to our classes and programs we are bringing into our catalog!

Adobe Authorized Training Center
Recently, we became an Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC).  After many months of working with Adobe, we were approved as the only authorized center in Northern Colorado, and the second in the state.  This is a huge honor and achievement for us as a business, and, combined with our Colorado Private Occupational School status, it solidifies DWC as a premiere community training hub in Northern Colorado.  Furthermore, this status also allows greater access to Adobe resources and materials that we can now bring into the classroom.

We’re listening
For every class at DWC, we ask the students and instructors for valuable feedback that we can use to improve our offerings.  Our classes have a 99% approval rating from our feedback form and 4.9 out of 5 rating (38 reviews) on Google.  We believe in our school and the quality of our classes.

However, one of the main comments we receive for Adobe training is that while the classes are excellent, the students want more time in the classroom.  The instructors feel the same way.

In addition, the features and capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud keep expanding.  This means even more time is needed to create an effective classroom experience for all.

So, we are listening to our students and changing our Adobe class structure to create the best possible classroom experience.  That is always priority number one.

To improve the classes, we have decided to double the length of our Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator classes from 7 to 14 hours.  I feel strongly that these changes will help to deliver the necessary skills for our students to be successful.

New textbooks
As an AATC we want to improve our class materials and are transitioning all of the Adobe textbooks to the official Adobe Classroom in a Book series.  These books come straight from Adobe and will be a difference maker in the value of these classes.  Better examples, better class labs, and better for our students and instructors.

Adobe Bootcamps
For those students who are serious about careers or work using Adobe programs, we have created brand new programs to help you get ahead.  DWC is adding four new Adobe Bootcamps, which have been approved and certified by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Division of Private Occupational Schools.

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator bootcamps will begin soon and include a deep understanding of the technical skills needed, as well as the design concepts needed to create visually appealing designs for all types of digital marketing, graphic design, and much more.

As we transition to the new format and materials for all Adobe classes and bootcamps, we will continue to update you on the exciting changes to come.  There will be many more Adobe and creative classes in the near future, so be on the lookout for those as well.

Former Students
For any former students who have completed these Adobe classes in the past, but want to try the new format we also have a special offer for you!

If you have a re-take available, you can sign up for the new format class at no additional cost for the class.  You would only have to purchase the new textbook.

Furthermore, any other former students looking to sign up under the new format but don’t have a re-take remaining, you can sign-up for the training at 50% off the cost.

To take advantage of either of these offers, simply reply to this email or contact us and we will get you the details needed to register.

All of these changes will completely revamp and improve Adobe classes at Digital Workshop Center.  Yes, the additional hours and materials mean that the price structure will be different.  The cost of each of the new Adobe classes will be $755 per class per student.  However, the classroom experience will be amazing and the practical skills taken away from the classes will be able to be applied immediately in career or employee training situations.

As we begin to roll-out these new classes, I welcome feedback from the community and colleagues as well.  Please let me know if you have any questions on these classes, pricing, or schedules.

Thank you for the past 10 years.  It has been my pleasure to teach the community on these subjects I love so much.  (Don’t forget that we have a 10-year anniversary party coming up on 08/13 and I hope to see you there to celebrate with me.)

I look forward to training you and our community for many more years to come!


Stu Crair
Owner / Training Manager
Digital Workshop Center, est. 2006
Office: 970-980-8091