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Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me - DWCGraphic design has become an important part of successful business marketing. It’s a great way to visually communicate with your audience and stand out from the crowd. Everyone from business owners to marketing professionals, and even those looking for a new career in the marketing world, should understand the basics of graphic design and how to create great imagery. Adobe Illustrator is the most widely used and capable computer program for graphic design.

Graphic artists and marketing professionals use Adobe Illustrator to create vector images—a computer generated image. Illustrator is used to make all sorts of images, from logos to marketing materials to web graphics. It’s an incredibly versatile program, and you don’t have to be good at hand drawing to utilize this amazing system. If you’ve been thinking about a career as a graphic designer or would just like to add graphic design skills to your or your team’s toolbox, you must master is Adobe Illustrator. Learning Illustrator on your own is a big undertaking because of the complexity and capabilities included in the program; it’s best to learn from someone who can show you the ropes.

If you’re ready to take a class to learn Adobe Illustrator, Digital Workshop Center offers beginner and advanced Adobe Illustrator classes in Denver and Fort Collins, CO, or online for anyone looking to upskill their design capabilities. These classes are taught by professional designers with years of experience to teach students how to design business graphics, including business logos, illustrations, website layouts, web-ready graphics, and more. Taking an Adobe Illustrator class is a great way to learn to master this program.

Beginner Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me

In the first level of Digital Workshop Center’s Adobe Illustrator classes, students will gain a solid foundation of the program and understand its language and capabilities. In this four-part series, students will walk away with an understanding of the Illustrator environment and vocabulary; review graphic type and resolution for web vs. print documents; learn the basics of creating professional designs; and understand how to use color, fonts, type, and patterns to enhance your designs. Click here to learn more about beginner Adobe Illustrator classes at the Digital Workshop Center and see the full schedule.

Advanced Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me

Once students master the basics of Illustrator, they move on to the Digital Workshop Center’s advanced Adobe Illustrator classes. In this series, students will take what they’ve learned in the Level 1 class and build on their skills. Once the class is finished, students will know advanced design concepts, including blending colors and shapes, using brushes, adding creative effects and graphic styles, and combining Illustrator with other Adobe applications to create professional and eye-catching designs. Click here to learn more about advanced Adobe Illustrator classes at the Digital Workshop Center and see the full schedule.

If you’ve found yourself looking for “Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me,” you’ve come to the right spot! The Digital Workshop Center offers classes for all Adobe programs, including Adobe Illustrator courses for both beginners and advanced learners. We offer many computer classes that are available in both Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as online. Learn more about our classes and certificate programs here. Contact us to learn more about Adobe Illustrator classes, financial aid options, course schedules and how to get started.