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One of the up and coming trends in the creative business world is the concept of shared work environments, and utilizing a wonderful community office space is changing the way we view and do our work. For a small monthly membership fee, you can have access to a professional office, take part in social and networking events, and even get deep discounts on classes and other programs to enhance your knowledge and further your career. And the best part of investing in a local co-working group is that you know exactly where the money goes and you know that your neighborhood friends and contacts will benefit from such a powerful collaborative force in the community.

Many professionals and freelancers work from home these days, but they miss out on the benefits of office life like the chance to collaborate with others and skip the distractions. And coworking lets you opt out of the bad parts, like angry bosses and sad energy-sapping cubicles. Plus, when you throw in perks like free coffee and snacks, reliable high speed internet, conference room access, locker space, and hands-on instruction, it’s hard to justify sitting on your couch in your pajamas for even one more day.

Take a look at our top five reasons to join our coworking community!

Community Office Space in Fort Collins

  1. Opportunities for collaboration

You’re pretty smart. But you know what’s even smarter? 5 of you! When you share office space with other creative professionals, you can meet people who can help you brainstorm ideas, edit your content, offer suggestions, and make referrals. There is always something new and exciting to learn from your fellow coworkers, and you can have an opportunity to share your expertise as well. Chances are also that you will meet someone in the same industry or with similar interests, and they just might become your next business partner!

  1. Healthy work/life balance

Anyone who works from home or on a freelance basis understands how hard it is to keep your work life separate from everything else. Gigs and projects tend to bleed into all hours of the day and night, and it can be tough to maintain a good schedule for optimal productivity and personal satisfaction. When you come to work in a community space, you will be able to leave the distractions and obligations of home behind for a while, and focus on your assignments. And when you’re done, you can pack up and return home to enjoy your family and your hobbies. Your spouse, children, or roommates will certainly thank you for investing in a healthy work/life schedule.

  1. Inclusion in creative community

It can be lonely and even stifling as a creative entrepreneur, especially when you don’t belong to a collective of other talented and passionate people. So come join the group, and immerse yourself in ideas, life, and imagination. Contribute to something bigger than yourself. Be a part of an inventive cluster of individuals who want to grow their businesses, help others succeed, and change the world for the better. When passionate and motivated people come together, amazing things can happen everywhere from sales and development to design and marketing.

  1. Skip the hierarchy

What’s one of the best parts of a coworking environment? That’s right, no bosses. No hierarchy. No strict schedule. You can come as you are and work as you need to- we’re not going to bother you about deadlines or emails. Chances are you are fighting to make your own way in the world as a freelancer or small business owner, so why would you want to go back into the domain of the corporate pecking order? When you are a community member, you are part of an equal collective, and your time, talents, and expertise are valued just as much as anyone else’s. So come work somewhere that respects your autonomy and collaborates, not dictates.

  1. Better productivity

Let’s face it- it’s really hard to get work done when you are distracted, whether that’s at home, at a busy coffee shop, or even tucked in a library corner somewhere. But when you have a place away from home where you can fully focus on your projects, you will find that your productivity increases dramatically. When you are in a coworking space, there’s no screaming kids, no piles of laundry, no dirty dishes- just pure creative energy and clarity. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unreliable internet or crashing computers interrupting your tasks- here you have access to business-class internet and professional-grade technology. You’ll be able to fly through your work twice as fast in a clean, efficient, and welcoming coworking office space.

Interested in becoming a valued community member to take advantage of this new collaboration? Check out our membership information here.


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