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Five Essential Graphic Design Trends for 2020

At the dawn of this new decade, we’re seeing graphic design trends shifting toward a more natural and reserved feeling, away from the bold colors of the past decade. Stay ahead of the curve and check out these five graphic design trends for 2020!

2020 Graphic Design Trends

1. Muted Color Palettes

In 2019, we saw bright, bold, and vivid colors. In 2020, the graphic design trend is moving toward muted color palettes. 

What are muted colorsMuted colors are vivid colors that have had their “edge” taken off with more neutral colors. This desaturation is achieved by adding black, white, or any other complementary color.

After years of bright neons and bold colors, things are going to be more muted this year. Brands like Apple and Spotify are already showcasing muted colors in their products and on their websites.

muted color design trend

2. Abstract & Whimsical Illustrations

Simple illustrations don’t have the same power that they once did. Embrace exaggerated illustrations in 2020! The more abstract and whimsical, the better. In this example from Bon Appetit’s Instagram stories, they’re combining both muted colors and abstract illustrations! This is a fun graphic design trend for all designers who love to go rogue with custom illustrations, like Mailchimp does!


Graphic Design Portfolio descriptions

3. Heavy, Simple Fonts

Combining strong fonts with muted colors can make your designs look modern and trendy. Using heavy fonts can also create contrast and hierarchy by pairing them with a simple background, like Hootsuite has done here to advertise their Hootsuite Academy. 
Graphic Design Portfolio design exmple

4. Genuine & Authentic Stock Photos

Gone are the days when graphic design trends focused on over saturated and unrealistic stock photos. With the shift in color trends from bright and neon to muted – we also see a shift in stock photos to follow suit. The trends in 2020 for stock photos will shift toward more natural, neutral, and authentic photos. We’re seeing stock photo usage that is more candidly posed and toned down rather than shiny and fine-tuned.

5. Minimalist Landing Pages

In 2020, all signs point to keeping landing pages simple. Not only does it look clean, but avoiding too many design elements and too much text also helps to keep the website load speed fast and the usability easy. Having an uncomplicated landing page helps everyone, new users and old, find what they’re looking for without hassle – and Google’s algorithms like it too. Dropbox does a great job of this. They’re using a bold font and a single background color, and they provide all the important information front and center for people who are using Dropbox for the first time and need to sign up, and also for those who already have an account to sign in.
One of the best things about the graphic design trends of 2020 is that they all work together really well. You can easily add a bold font to your muted color palette and whimsical illustration without throwing the vibe off. Finding different ways to combine all of these design trends will be a lot of fun for amateur graphic designers and professionals alike. If you want to brush up on your graphic design skills, let’s connect. Digital Workshop Center offers a variety of graphic design classes and certificate programs that can help you master a new program or take your career to the next level!

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