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Sliding Scale Pricing

Sliding scale pricing available for select Microsoft Office classes

If you are new to Microsoft Office classes, there are several resources to help you get started.  Microsoft Office classes provide a solid foundation in the software skills needed to be successful in the modern workplace.   The Matthews House and Digital Workshop Center have partnered together to offer basic Office classes such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.  

Furthermore, for those needing financial assistance, sliding scale pricing is available for select Microsoft Office classes.  Your sliding scale price is based on household income and flexible payment arrangements are designed based on each student’s needs.

Classes include:

To Register

During registration for Microsoft Office classes and to use the sliding scale pricing, you will be asked to provide contact and demographic information.  Additional paperwork and agreements will need to be collected in person after submitting your answers on this form.

To get started with registration online, click here and complete the form.

To register for classes in person, you may also call 970-449-5191 to set a training plan appointment with a member of The Matthews House staff.


The following documents will need to be submitted via hard copy to The Matthews House offices. If you are unable to print documents on your own, please call The Matthews House office at 970-449-5191 and make an appointment to register in person.

Items You’ll Need to Bring to Your Appointment

In addition to the items above, students must bring a $25 class registration deposit, photo ID, and 3 months proof of income for the entire household to their intake appointment at The Matthews House.

Proof of income includes:

  • Paystubs from employers
  • Self-Employment Income Documentation
  • Child Support Awards
  • Public Benefits Awards Letters (TANF, SSI/SSDI, SNAP, etc)