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Got A New iPad For Christmas? Here’s How To Get Started

Electronics are a popular gift choice for many people around the holidays. After all, they are both sleek and attractive, and they keep us connected in our fast-paced society. One of the fastest growing electronics markets over the past couple of years is tablets, with the Apple iPad leading the pack by a wide margin. These thin, fast, and capable gadgets are the perfect go-between for smartphones and full-on computers, and are the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to stay connected on the go.

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5 Ways To Connect With Your Customers Via Social Media

Even though typing into a tiny electronic screen may not feel very warm and personal, it’s a fantastic way to make meaningful connections with your clients, future customers, and fans. While nothing can replace an in-person interaction, social media interactions are quickly becoming the most popular means of communication in the marketing world.

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5 Social Media Platforms To Boost Your Small Business

Today’s world is faced paced and new businesses have to jump in with savvy in order to survive. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is if nobody knows about you and you aren’t making an effort to connect with the public. Here’s where social media platforms come in- the ability to insert yourself into the social sphere and be a part of your customers’ lives, both past and future.

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HootSuite Can Help Manage All Your Social Media

There are so many social media options available, it’s hard to know what platform is right for you. Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and countless others, there’s at least one good outlet to connect you and your business to your interested and existing customers. Creating a buzz on social media is more difficult than just posting a couple of funny cat videos or copying and pasting quirky quotes. It requires a detailed strategy for how you want your online voice to be heard. For our social media classes at the Digital Workshop Center, we always focus on this key principle to start. Besides time to create the content for social media, you also need to factor in the time to analyze the response. Having a measurable analytic is just as important because it lets you know if what you’re saying online is successfully being received by those who you want to reach. With all of this time needed to create an effective social media campaign, there are tools that have been developed to help alleviate some of the burden. HootSuite is an online management platform that can effectively reduce the amount of time you spend on social media. Started in 2009, HootSuite allows you to manage all your social media from one convenient place. Using HootSuite allows you to more rapidly grow your audience, streamline team workflow and reach audiences with geotargeted features. In addition, HootSuite offers a vast array of analytic tools so you can measure your social media response. One of my favorite things about HootSuite is how user-friendly the interface is. With little to no experience with social media, you can connect all your accounts into one happy place and quickly get started managing them all. Pricing for HootSuite begins with a free package that includes connection for up to five social media accounts, basic analytics and some other fundamentals. If you want to upgrade to its Pro package for about $9 per month, you can receive a wider set of tools. According to Jeffrey Gitomer, an expert on social media and strategy, “Social media is the new cold call.” If you’re going to get involved in social media to try and reach new customers, you need tools like HootSuite to help manage your time better. But always remember that you have to first strategize on your voice and what you’re going to say before you jump into an ever-growing social media world. [Originally published in the Coloradoan on...

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How to Use Twitter Successfully: What Is It & Why Is It Relevant?

Twitter tends to be one of those social media platforms that isn’t quite as easy for some people to grasp. After reading this, however, you will have a better understanding of Twitter and you may even be more interested in using it! “They say Twitter is like a river, ever-changing as it flows, and a Tweeter’s just a vessel that must follow where it goes….” What is Twitter? Twitter is a free online networking tool that allows users to connect and post status updates that are 140 characters or less. Users can follow each other and share pieces of their daily lives. Here are some of the terms used in Twitter defined for you: Tweet – a status post. Must be 140 characters or less. The ‘shelf life’ of a tweet is very brief, so feel free to do it throughout your day. TwitterStream –  For those of you familiar with Facebook, this is like your newsfeed. For those of you who are not, this is a stream of tweets from every user you have decided to follow displays on your home page. Follower – Someone who has opted to see your tweets on their homepage. @reply – Use the “@” symbol at the beginning of your message to reply to someone’s tweet. The only people that will see this are the people that follow both of you. Direct Message – A private (direct) tweet. Direct tweets do not appear in the public tweetstream. You can only send a Direct Message to someone that follows you. Retweet – See something you like in the stream? Simply retweet using the retweet button or “RT.” Similar to sharing a post on Facebook or forwarding an email. Retweets will give the original tweeter credit by including a link to their profile. Mentions – Using the “@” symbol anywhere but the beginning of a tweet will allow everyone who follows you to see this message. This is like including a link to that person’s profile. #, or “hashtag”: Including a hashtag will group your tweets by keyword. Hashtags are great for events, discussions, important topics, and groups. These also make it easy to search for a certain topic. Favorite –  A tweet you have bookmarked by clicking the star. Others can see your list of favorites as well. Trending – Current topics that are being talked about the most. Great, so now I kinda get it a little more… but how is this relevant to my business? Twitter is another platform that you can use to connect with your customers/clients, increase your brand awareness, position yourself as an expert in your field and open the lines of communication. Where to begin: Define your goals. Are you on Twitter to sell products, increase awareness, position yourself as a leader, and/or provide a feedback channel? Lots of larger organizations are very successfully using Twitter as a customer service channel. No more online forms to fill out or waiting on hold for ages.  Simply send them a tweet and you will be taken care of immediately. Get a feel for what people are saying and how they are interacting. Do a search of your company, your industry, your products, or your town.  Spend some time listening and observing. Don’t just push your ad messages. Be real, personable, and genuine. This is not a just another place to get free advertising. It is a place to connect with customers when they aren’t in front of you face to face. You don’t need to go follow everyone that comes across your screen.  Find the influencers in your industry/location/interest...

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