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Got A New iPad For Christmas? Here’s How To Get Started

Electronics are a popular gift choice for many people around the holidays. After all, they are both sleek and attractive, and they keep us connected in our fast-paced society. One of the fastest growing electronics markets over the past couple of years is tablets, with the Apple iPad leading the pack by a wide margin. These thin, fast, and capable gadgets are the perfect go-between for smartphones and full-on computers, and are the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to stay connected on the go.

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Business Book Club: Four Reasons Why People Hang On To Old-School Marketing

It is no secret that things are a-changin’. The very way we relate, interact and engage in our communities has drastically shifted over the last 20 years as the internet has evolved to provide new opportunities for organizing and communicating. But what does this mean for business? I have found that even though we intellectually know that things are changing, old habits die hard. What do you think of when I say the word marketing? Do you see an ad? Maybe on a billboard or in a newspaper. Or maybe you see a commercial. Remember Big Red chewing gum? “Kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer…..Longer with Big Red!” The jingle comes back to me instantly. That stuff is all old-school marketing. It is a way of the past, although so many people cling onto these antiquated notions of what marketing is and how to best get the word out there. Even though one might intellectually know the playing field is different, I think there are four reasons why people struggle to effectively shift their thinking: 1. Because these perceptions have been ingrained since childhood. Children are susceptible to interruption marketing; we all were! And it was during our childhood where our understanding of what marketing is and how it is done was formed. When you ask a group of people to think of a marketing campaign that made a lasting impression they are almost always citing old-school campaigns (this might not be true for millennials but I haven’t tested that out on them yet). 2. Because you don’t want to offend anyone. Appealing to the masses is the MO of the old-school marketing techniques. Here’s a newsflash for you: if your marketing is too subdued and non-offensive, no one will notice it. I have a colleague who named his business WTF Marketing – that’s pretty catchy. Does it offend some? Probably. Does it get noticed and resonate with others? Definitely. 3. Because you trust the old methods will work. There’s a perceived risk in jumping ship from the tried and true marketing practices. If something ain’t broke, why fix it? Right? Wrong! Believe it or not there’s more inherent risk in maintaining the old status quo then embracing these new tactics and strategies. 4. Because you believe marketing messages must convey an agenda. There’s often this desire to always be promoting your own agenda. That any time you communicate you need to promote a specific service or product or event. This belief that every communication must be self-serving is another thing of the past. Today’s consumers are ignoring most in-your-face advertising and taking note of things that offer value to them. Earlier this month in EntrepreNerds, we discussed Meatball Sundae: Is your Marketing Out of Sync by Seth Godin. He outlines how the playing field for marketing has changed from the old-school tactics to this new marketing age. What I found quite intriguing was his insistence that your organizational structure must align with new marketing in order to succeed. In other words, it isn’t just our mindset about marketing that needs to shift (goodbye billboards, TV commercials and print ads), our fundamental understanding of the structures and systems that govern organizations need shifting as well. *** About the Author: Ariana Friedlander is the Founder and Principal for Rosabella Consulting, LLC and has over nine years of experience working with small businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to create strategies for successful organizational growth. A dedicated life-long learner, she is also the Lead Facilitator for EntrepreNerds. EntrepreNerds is a business book club for professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to expanding their knowledge and...

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Google Finally Offers Mass Storage Solution with Google Drive

[Originally published in The Coloradoan on 5/25/12] For a company that most techie people associate with being at the forefront of digital trends, it has been a huge surprise to many that Google has never offered a mass storage solution as one of its services. While it has had the best business apps and marketplace to customize your online experience for some time, Google always has been missing a “cloud” storage solution. Until now. As of late April of this year, Google is offering “Drive” as its answer for mass storage issues. According to Google’s website, “Google Drive is a storage platform that allows users to access their data from any device or application. Users rely on Drive to store all of their data, while third-party applications rely on Drive to enable rich and contextual features for this data.” Drive is an immediate rival to other popular mass storage solutions such as DropBox. It allows you to sync your files on any device, and expand the amount of storage to fit your needs. While Google Docs has been a blessing for many collaboration scenarios, Google Drive is taking it one step further. Drive includes all of the features of Google Docs, such as online versions of your popular application formats. But, it is much more. Drive allows for mass storage of any type of file, no matter what. There are hundreds of file types out there, and now you can put them all in one place to store. Drive comes with free software to install on your PC or Mac, which adds a folder into your Documents and allows you to work with your files as you always have. When a change is made on one device, the change immediately is updated on any other device or accessible via your Internet browser. Drive also differs from its competitors because it offers more space, 5 gigabytes, for free. I recently installed Google Drive at my business and moved our files from DropBox. The transition was seamless, and the sync to the new folder took a reasonably short amount of time. I opted to upgrade my space to the next level at a very modest annual price. My co-workers and I now have one central location to store all our files, share easily, collaborate using Google tools and integrate our work directly into the Google Apps we already use daily. At the end of the day, Drive is long overdue from the tech giants at Google. It is a perfect addition for anyone looking to move your files to a cloud storage solution. Learn more at drive.google.com. Stu Crair is the owner and lead trainer at The Digital Workshop Center, providing digital arts and computer training instruction in Fort Collins. Call him at (970) 980-8091 or send email to stu@...

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Is A Used Or New Computer The Right Choice For You?

[Originally published in The Coloradoan on 5/18/12] One of the more common questions I get is “should I buy a new or used computer?” It’s always a tough one to answer, but with some simple guidelines, you can probably narrow down your decision quickly. First, you need to be forward thinking with your decision and recognize the endgame of your computer situation. Will you be using this computer for personal reasons or for business? Or both? Ask yourself, “what are the main functions I use my computer for?” Will you need to store a large amount of movies, music or other multimedia? Once you have thought about these questions, you can start to organize what kind of technical specifications you need. For example, someone who is going to be actively downloading a lot of music will need much more hard drive space to be able to store this information. Talk to a computer professional if you have questions as to what specs are right for your needs. A general rule is that a brand new computer will be out of date in approximately three to four years. However, with technology so rapidly increasing these days, the average user can often stretch that just a little bit further. A used computer will most likely cost you less today, but since it is typically going to be a slightly older model, you will probably not get as much life from it. As with many financial decisions, this comes down to the cost value of your money today vs. the future. If you are on a tight budget but find you need a computer upgrade, a used computer is a great choice, knowing that in only a couple of years, you might need to buy a new one. If you can afford to spend a little more today, you will get much more value for your money and be able to use that computer longer. Of course, there are no guarantees with either purchase. A computer, being made of plastic and metal parts, is destined to fail at some point. This failure can come sooner rather than later, but I have computers I have owned for more than seven years. So, spend some time doing your research and considering your options before making your purchase, and you will be much happier with your new or used machine in the end. Stu Crair is the owner and lead trainer at The Digital Workshop Center, providing digital arts and computer training instruction in Fort Collins. Call him at (970) 980-8091 or send email to stu@...

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