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Facebook Brings Timeline to Pages: What You Should Know

Facebook has recently launched Timeline for Pages.  It is a similar layout to the Timeline we now see on all our personal profiles, but the functionality is just perfect for businesses.  You can either choose to embrace the changes now, or wait until March 30, 2012 when Facebook will automatically switch every Page to the new Timeline. Change can be scary sometimes, so here is a brief overview of the changes to hopefully get you excited about Timeline for Pages.  I’ll go over what is new, why is it good, and the one thing you may miss. New Design and Layout The most obvious of these changes...

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Facebook Contests: What You Can and Cannot Do

Everyone wants to be the Big Winner! Hosting a contest on your Facebook page is a great way to: Drive people to your page Get them engaged and Let’s be honest: Make them ‘like’ you more. There is just one little thing that most businesses don’t know about (or choose to ignore) in the world of Facebook. That is the ‘Facebook Promotions Guidelines’. Essentially, the way that the majority of people run a contest on Facebook (i.e. post a photo on their wall and get their friends to like it, etc.) is against the rules of Facebook. Facebook does not want to be connected to your contest or be...

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Facebook Profiles vs. Pages: What’s The Difference and Why Does It Matter?

In terms of Facebook, there are “Profiles” and there are “Pages.” What is the difference between the two and why does it matter, you ask? Read on and I will walk you through some of the major differences. Basically, Profiles are for people and Pages are for businesses. Sounds simple enough, but there is a surprising amount of stuff to explain about both of them. Let’s get started. Facebook Profiles are for individuals like you and me. You can connect with friends, share photos, join groups, etc. As an individual you may care more about your privacy and who you share your personal...

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