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Launch Your Company With Our Business Administration Certification

With new small businesses coming on to the scene daily, it can be intimidating for any entrepreneur to jump into the fray. There are many skills that you need to know in order to be successful in today’s tech-savvy marketplace, and it’s hard to know where to start. For most companies, from the design sector to the financial sector, there are several key software programs that must be mastered for maximum efficiency and workflow. Luckily, you can get all the training you need to launch your own business right from the comfort of your own couch! With the fundamental business administration certification at DWC, you will learn all of the basic software and managerial skills that you need to run a successful business, no matter the size or specialty. You’ll become fluent in Microsoft Excel, the most common spreadsheet program used worldwide; you’ll send emails in a snap with Microsoft Outlook, a popular business mail client; and you’ll represent ideas in a visually appealing way with Microsoft PowerPoint. These three programs form a solid foundation for any business, and you will be able to put them to good use to grow your company’s productivity and efficiency. With this new prowess, you will be prepared for a new level of success in these three crucial areas: Effective communication A business is only as good as its staff, and working with a group of people requires crystal clear communication in order to stay on track. Intra-office brainstorming and discussion is a great thing to foster, but without the right tools, things can get lost in translation. Utilizing a clean and tidy system with a reliable email client like Outlook will enhance your staff’s ability to share and collaborate on spreadsheets and presentations in a direct and hassle-free manner. The more information you can share and the faster you can share it means you’ll get more accomplished and boost your sales. Productive presentation There are a lot of concepts and ideas that just can’t be explained verbally, which is why media-rich visual presentation tools are necessary for most businesses. Whether you are a designer, a PR firm, or a data collection laboratory, having the ability to share your work in a graphic manner could mean the difference between getting that important contract and being passed over. Using figures and stats from your spreadsheets, you can create eye-catching and effective presentations and slideshows in PowerPoint, which you can share across the globe with a click of a button. Efficient record keeping When you are running a business, there are several different areas you need to keep track of, including revenue, marketing stats, social media accounts, and operating costs. But if you are fluent in the three basic Microsoft software programs, you can easily keep tabs on multiple accounts and streams all at once, and seamlessly integrate them with the rest of your company’s programs. When you need to share or collaborate on a record or log, you can instantly send it to anyone, and track their changes visually. Highly organized and easy to read records and documents can save you time, money, and many headaches as business administrator. With the fundamental business administration certification, you will harness the power of software programs to keep your production, sales, and marketing on track. You will find that planning, strategizing, controlling, and overseeing day-to-day business functions comes more easily with your expertise. So if you are ready to make this smart investment in your future and your business, Fill out the form below to tell us more about how we can help you get started! You...

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5 Benefits Of Shared Community Office Space

One of the up and coming trends in the creative business world is the concept of shared work environments, and these wonderful collaborative spaces are changing the way we view and do our work. For a small monthly membership fee, you can have access to a professional office, take part in social and networking events, and even get deep discounts on classes and other programs to enhance your knowledge and further your career. And the best part of investing in a local co-working group is that you know exactly where the money goes and you know that your neighborhood friends and contacts will benefit from such a powerful collaborative force in the community.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Resume With Adobe Illustrator

Let’s face it- today’s job market is tough. The credentials that would fetch a top-tier position a decade ago are now only delivering an entry-level one. Unemployment and unpaid internships abound, and there is a distinct trend that is emerging from this new market milieu.

Those with the most well rounded resumes are the ones getting hired and promoted. The ambitious and creative few who take the time to flesh out their skill set and tack on certifications are the ones who bring the most usability to the job market. Utilitarianism has taken over, and employers are looking to stretch their new hires over several different professional fields. In this new minimalist market, if you can offer the skills and expertise of three people rolled into one, you’re miles ahead of the pack.

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5 Social Media Platforms To Boost Your Small Business

Today’s world is faced paced and new businesses have to jump in with savvy in order to survive. It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is if nobody knows about you and you aren’t making an effort to connect with the public. Here’s where social media platforms come in- the ability to insert yourself into the social sphere and be a part of your customers’ lives, both past and future.

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5 Reasons To Use MailChimp For Your Business

In the frenetic world of online marketing, it can be challenging to stand out as a small business owner. You may be overwhelmed with all the options out there for promotion and find yourself confused on which avenues to invest in to bring in clients and sales. Luckily, as time goes on, more user-friendly and effective solutions are being brought to the market and with a little research and learning, you can grow your business with less effort and more style!

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