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Self Paced Learning Versus Live Instruction in Professional Development Training [Infographic]

Professional Development planning can be tough. Many organizations require hours of extended learning opportunities per year. The challenge is finding a program that both delights the learner, increases their knowledge, and makes them better at their career. When making a plan for the upcoming fiscal year professional development program, evaluate the method of delivery.

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Community Spotlight – MOBA

Digital Workshop Center is home to many organizations and meetups. There is plenty of space for meeting and greeting. Our space has a classroom with all the latest and greatest technology so your meeting will be smooth and presented in a modern format. MOBA is just one of the many groups that hold community meetings here. Learn more about them. 1)What is your organization? I’m Jahna Eichel. I started MOBA when I moved to Colorado from NYC. I had a very small granola company at the time and my branding/marketing consulting firm was just getting off the ground. I kept meeting mothers around town with small “side businesses”. My focus was to connect these ladies to one another, to inspire them to legitimize their business and to bring in leaders in the community who could help these ladies learn DIY marketing techniques that could help them find their target market and ideal customer base while building their brand, and their identity in a like minded community. 2)What is the focus of MOBA? MOBA Helps entrepreneurs build better businesses through support, empowerment and advocacy. Northern Colorado’s community building network for parents in business and their supporters. Through educations and collaboration they offer tools and support needed to grow your market reach. MOBA offers a network of small business supporters, community  advocacy and b2b connections. MOBA is for collaboration not competition. They are small business advocacy personified.   3)How did you get started? I started MOBA in early 2013. The first few months were spent getting to know the Northern Colorado Community of women and parents who owned, or had hopes of owning a business or becoming an entrepreneur. As an organization we’ve been through a few policy changes to weave through the ebb and flow of the changes of the parent entrepreneur community- in 2016 we became a membership free organization that’s core purpose is to be a safe space for women and parent entrepreneurs to meet and network. As a business owner I have spent the last 3 years developing my brand here, as well as building Northern Colorado’s first professional music rehearsal studio and multimedia facility. 4) What are your goals and missions? MOBA has been such a fulfilling journey that has helped countless ladies in the Northern Colorado community develop their tribe. My hopes for the years ahead is to create a community of entrepreneurs who will continuously thrive and develop their brands and businesses here. Having a thriving business is not something that is easily acquired and MOBA’s journey forward is to find the individuals who have the passion, the ingenuity and the stick-to-itiveness to run the marathon, not just the sprint. The success of MOBA is dependent on the community of moms in business to continue to grow, learn and connect. 5)How did you find Digital Workshop Center ? Digital Workshop is such an incredible business model. Their value to the community of entrepreneurs is limitless and Stu & Megan have been so supportive of MOBA’s mission by allowing us to use their beautiful facility for meetings. We hope to expand our offerings through the DWC in the future. During a lunch and learn where I was hosting a work life balance seminar, The attendees were so fun and involved that it was hard to wrap up the afternoon. I could have stayed there another hour just answering questions and enjoying getting to know all who came! DWC sponsors community events and classrooms. You can also rent our space for private meetings. Find out more here Book an...

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What Learning Style Is Best For You?

For working professionals of all talents and industries, learning new skills is a worthwhile investment. It keeps your resume fresh, your offerings relevant, and your pricing competitive. Many in-demand skills today have to do with technology, programming, media, and marketing, which can augment just about any educational background or career goal. And the great thing about those fields is that they can be mastered in a variety of formats. But how do you choose which learning style is right for you?

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5 Ways To Connect With Your Customers Via Social Media

Even though typing into a tiny electronic screen may not feel very warm and personal, it’s a fantastic way to make meaningful connections with your clients, future customers, and fans. While nothing can replace an in-person interaction, social media interactions are quickly becoming the most popular means of communication in the marketing world.

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Fort Collins: Small Town Feel, Big Town Innovation

We can feel it. You can probably feel it too. The digital world of business is shifting and growing at an intense pace, urging changes in the online tech and design marketplace faster than we’d ever imagined. And when you think of hot spots for ingenuity and entrepreneurship, what cities come to mind? Maybe Silicon Valley? New York City? What if we told you that Fort Collins deserves a place on that list?

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