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What Learning Style Is Best For You?

For working professionals of all talents and industries, learning new skills is a worthwhile investment. It keeps your resume fresh, your offerings relevant, and your pricing competitive. Many in-demand skills today have to do with technology, programming, media, and marketing, which can augment just about any educational background or career goal. And the great thing about those fields is that they can be mastered in a variety of formats. But how do you choose which learning style is right for you?

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5 Ways To Boost Your Resume With Adobe Illustrator

Let’s face it- today’s job market is tough. The credentials that would fetch a top-tier position a decade ago are now only delivering an entry-level one. Unemployment and unpaid internships abound, and there is a distinct trend that is emerging from this new market milieu.

Those with the most well rounded resumes are the ones getting hired and promoted. The ambitious and creative few who take the time to flesh out their skill set and tack on certifications are the ones who bring the most usability to the job market. Utilitarianism has taken over, and employers are looking to stretch their new hires over several different professional fields. In this new minimalist market, if you can offer the skills and expertise of three people rolled into one, you’re miles ahead of the pack.

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HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet

Download the HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet for FREE! The Digital Workshop Center provides free cheat sheets on many popular software applications. If you are looking for a quick HTML and CSS reference sheet, then we’ve got just the thing for you! The HTML5 & CSS3 cheat sheet includes basic concepts and common elements to help you be more efficient and confident while working in code. Several of these concepts and elements are included in our hands-on Web Design with HTML and CSS training class, so if you need more HTML & CSS help please contact the Digital Workshop office.  Stay tuned for more cheat sheets coming soon! Click the link to download the cheat sheet in PDF format: HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet...

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Poll: What kind of monthly webinar would you attend?

Free Monthly Webinar Series Planned to begin in May The DWC is teaming up with Laurie Macomber of Blue Skies Marketing and Ron Zasadzinski of Codegeek.net to offer a fun, new monthly webinar series.  Drawing on the expertise of Laurie, Ron, and Stu Crair (owner of the DWC), this series will be an interactive way to learn more from three tech business owners and thought leaders. So, the question to you is this: “If you had a chance to learn in a webinar format from Laurie, Ron, and Stu, what kind of topics would you like to know more about?” Please fill out the informal poll below to help us shape this series to be as effective as possible. We appreciate your input and look forward to launching this series sometime in May!...

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5 Reasons To Use MailChimp For Your Business

In the frenetic world of online marketing, it can be challenging to stand out as a small business owner. You may be overwhelmed with all the options out there for promotion and find yourself confused on which avenues to invest in to bring in clients and sales. Luckily, as time goes on, more user-friendly and effective solutions are being brought to the market and with a little research and learning, you can grow your business with less effort and more style!

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Human touch a must for some training

At the Digital Workshop, we began offering online training a few years ago in response to customers’ demands. After years of resistance, I finally caved and felt that offering this service was complementary to what we already did and would be beneficial for those who didn’t have time to attend class in person.
One of our major goals was to make sure that we kept the human element of the classroom alive in the online setting. For this reason, we presented our online classes in more of a webinar format, where students can ask questions from a live instructor, receive a physical textbook, and have some lab time with the instructor at the end of the class.

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